Step 2: Engage
Action Steps
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Step 2: Engage

Thanks for supporting the Project
You have arrived at our action page. From here you will find easy-to-edit, click-and-send e-mails. We encourage you to change the subject line, edit the tone of the e-mail or add your personal story to the text. If you are a former member of the Armed Services, follow the blue path. One you send a letter to your state lawmakers, you'll be automatically redirected to the next letter to send. By following this path you can let your state and federal lawmakers know how important this issue is to you as a veteran. Then you can ask our Commander-in-Chief to do right by our service members and give everyone safe, legal access to this medicinal plant.

Friends and Family members, your path is green. You'll be redirected through the steps until you too can address the Commander-in-Chief with your concerns.


 is a project of FLCAN,
in cooperation with NORML of FL Veterans Committee and Veterans For Medical Cannabis Access