Medical Marijuana: Logical, compassionate and scientifically sound.

Cathy Jordan, FL CAN President

My name is Catherine Jordan, but my friends call me Cathy.

I've been living with Lou Gehrig's Disease, also known as ALS, for nearly 30 years. On February 22, 1997, I came out publicly about the medicine that saves my life. I would never have believed 15-years later, we would still be fighting for this life saving medicine.

On January 09, 2012, I am going to be in Tallahassee for the opening of the legislative session. 

Cathy, on tour for medical marijuana in 2000

This isn't the first time I've been to Tallahassee. In 2000, I helped lead the Journey for Justice from the Florida State Prison in Starke to the front of the Capitol. I had a lot of help from my friends to make the journey but it was worth it to tell lawmakers face-to-face the truth about what this plant does for me.      

Last year, when Representative Jeff Clemens introduced the first bill to address medical cannabis since 1978, it was an honor to be back in Tallahassee- this time speaking on behalf of other patients who need this medicine.

Cathy, carried to her vehicleIt took a lot of help for me to make the first trip to Tallahassee, and I need your help to make this next trip a success.

Please sign this petition asking Governor Scott to apply logic, compassion and science to the cannabis debate, and then press lawmakers to have a bill to legalize cannabis medicine ready for his signature.

To the Honorable Governor of Florida,

We the undersigned support safe, legal access to cannabis medicine for people. We believe science, logic, human compassion, and the proven economic impact all support allowing Floridians and their healthcare providers to consider cannabis as an alternative medicine.

This session, Representatives and Senators are considering HJR 353 and SJR 1028. They propose a Constitutional Amendment to allow the medicinal use of cannabis to be placed on the ballot in 2012. Upon passage of the amendment, the legislature would have to pass guidelines in 2013.

Don’t make Florida patients wait another day – let alone 18 months – for access to a proven medicine enjoyed under the cover of state law for over 33% of Americans.

We urge you to enjoin your Representatives and Senators to write and pass a new Bill to allow medicinal use of cannabis by Florida citizen effective immediately upon your signature.

We further urge you to join Governor Chaffee of Rhode Island and Governor Gregorie of Washington in their “Request to Reschedule Cannabis” filed with the DEA, FDA, Department of Health and Human Services and the Attorney General of the United States.

Opening cannabis to research means huge potential for the pharmaceutical industry, but it also creates jobs and economic activity in states that allow medical use.

Licensing of patients and growers/caregivers and tax revenue would be a financial benefit to the state. Legalizing the medicinal use of cannabis will create a new industry and stream of revenue, putting millions of dollars in our state’s coffers. It would create thousands of jobs, lower health care costs, and provide a source of economic activity throughout the state.

Jobless Florida citizens are waiting. Patients are waiting. The Florida economy is waiting. Don't make them wait any longer.

You can turn around the lives of patients and the Florida economy, and we request that you do.
This petition is no longer active.
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Number Date Name Location Do you know anyone who uses ...
3105 Thu Jan 12 10:01:31 EST 2012 bob wiley Colorado Springs, CO Chronic pain
3104 Thu Jan 12 10:01:17 EST 2012 james kemman sebastian, FL PTSD, osteoarthritis, skin cancer, cronic back pain, fibromyeligia, ALS, siriosis.
3103 Thu Jan 12 10:00:12 EST 2012 Rebecca Cumbie Saint Augustine, FL I was recommended to use medical cannabis in California for the treatment of my migraines. I suffer chronic migraines and have multiple prescriptions for different migraine medication and pain pills including More....
3102 Thu Jan 12 09:49:28 EST 2012 Cameron Matty Lutz, FL YES, back pain, insomnia, MS, cancer, HIV/AIDS
3101 Thu Jan 12 09:43:58 EST 2012 Underhill Edward Okeechobee, FL
3100 Thu Jan 12 09:43:45 EST 2012 Wendell Wilson Saint Petersburg, FL
3099 Thu Jan 12 09:22:29 EST 2012 Anonymous Traverse City, MI Fractured Vertebra
3098 Thu Jan 12 09:21:08 EST 2012 Anonymous AE
3097 Thu Jan 12 09:20:17 EST 2012 dara hill orlando, FL
3096 Thu Jan 12 09:07:51 EST 2012 Ian Bonnes FL
3095 Thu Jan 12 08:54:21 EST 2012 Anonymous Hudson, FL Yes I had a friend that used Medical Marijuana.....when she lived in California. She has AIDS..... since 1995. Now she livse in Florida and can no longer use this very helpful medicine. Instead, by her More....
3094 Thu Jan 12 08:51:11 EST 2012 Chris Lee Crawfordville, FL Digestive diseases, PTSD, back pain, MS, depression
3093 Thu Jan 12 08:44:46 EST 2012 Doris Peel Lake City, FL PTSD, PMDD, Chronic Back and Arthitic Pain, Depression, Muscle Spasms, Insomnia, Cancer, Nervousness, Anxiety
3092 Thu Jan 12 08:42:22 EST 2012 Jayne King Delray Beach, FL Fibromyalgia, Clinical Depression
3091 Thu Jan 12 08:33:07 EST 2012 Ben Shader Middletown, CA I do. Back pain, sleeplessness and stomach issues.
3090 Thu Jan 12 07:25:42 EST 2012 david bitner west melbourne, FL
3089 Thu Jan 12 07:04:46 EST 2012 John kruslicky Homosassa, FL Back pain
3088 Thu Jan 12 06:42:51 EST 2012 Steve Brady Oviedo, FL
3087 Thu Jan 12 06:35:49 EST 2012 James M. Ray Melbourne, FL Insomnia, nervousness, and anti-cancer effects to counteract tobacco addiction. Big pharma owns both major political parties in fee simple. But God does not and did not create mistakes...
3086 Thu Jan 12 06:14:44 EST 2012 Anonymous Lake City, FL
3085 Thu Jan 12 03:58:51 EST 2012 COLLEEN BELL Vero Beach, FL Anxiety,Insomnia and very bad tendanitis.I do not belive in Pharm. drugs because they poison the body.Canabis is an herb,100% natrual,and 100% works mircles...It's in the Bible...
3084 Thu Jan 12 03:58:51 EST 2012 COLLEEN BELL Vero Beach, FL Anxiety,Insomnia and very bad tendanitis.I do not belive in Pharm. drugs because they poison the body.Canabis is an herb,100% natrual,and 100% works mircles...It's in the Bible...
3083 Thu Jan 12 01:56:39 EST 2012 Daniel Mayer St.Petersburg, FL i use it for insomnia its the only thing that helps and i dont belive in pharma meds
3082 Thu Jan 12 01:43:30 EST 2012 Lamar Allen Courson Jr lake city, FL
3081 Thu Jan 12 01:22:32 EST 2012 Luis Alvarez FL Depression, PTSD, Arthritis, leg pain from arthritis,
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Together, we can change the way Florida treats patients.
Providing them with safe, legal access to this gentle medicine is a good place to start.
Thank you for helping me help patients.