Tell Governor Scott "Amnesty Now"

Cathy Jordan, FL CAN President

We Did It!The Governor's staff has set a meeting! Sign NOW!

Last year, FL CAN's President and Executive Director, Cathy Jordan and Jodi James, worked hard to prepare for the 2012 Legislative Session. They studied the committees, they learned the names and faces of the State Senators and State House Members who needed to say yes to our bill and they did the real work it takes to impact the state legislature.

Walking away from the 2012 Legislative session without safe access to cannabis on the ballot was hard. FL CAN knows how important it is to change cannabis laws. We know the cost in human lives; the young people who will be arrested, the sick and affirmed that will suffer without this medicine or suffer because they choose to use cannabis.  

In April, we began this petition asking Governor Scott for Amnesty for Patients. With only 2800 signatures on the petition, we did not think we had a chance to get the Governors attention, but we promised to deliver the petition, so we began relentlessly requesting an audience with the Governor!

After weeks of e-mails, phone calls and letters, we got the meeting!

On August 2, 2012, we have a meeting with the Governor's Office of Budget and Policy Chief Advisor. 

When the Governor's staff agreed to take the meeting we were thrilled.

Could this mean Governor Scott is interested in creating a more sensible policy for cannabis?

If so, it is going to take more than a few thousand signatures for him to listen to us!

Will you help us get enough signatures to convince the Governor before August 2, 2012?

10,000 signatures, 20,000 signatures, we don't know what it will take to move the Governor, but Cathy and I feel certain if you help us get thousands of signatures before August 2, the staff will bring the Governor into the meeting!

We are putting together real-life stories like our friend Kathy Day's. Kathy is facing charges for a small amount of cannabis found in a room she rented. Kathy refuses to plead guilty for what she and her doctors agree is medicine. The case has been going on nearly 2-years. 

Or how about Delbert from North Florida. Delbert is a 62-year old veteran. When his insurance company stopped paying for the Marinol (synthetic THC - one of the active ingredient in cannabis) Delbert chose to grow a couple of plants for his medicine. When police helicopters spotted the plants, the S.W.A.T team returned to raid the property. After over a year of prosecution, Delbert plead guilty and paid a fine. He was facing 11 years in prison and $11,000.00 in fines. Delbert suffers from multiple medical problems including heart and liver disease causing chronic nausea, chronic fatigue and depression. 

Help us stop the madness.
Help us stop the prosecution of patients using a medicine approved in 18 states and nations around the globe!

Join us in asking the Governor to end the War on Patients by giving them Amnesty!

To the Honorable Governor Scott,

We the undersigned recognize science, logic, human compassion, and proven economic impact all support allowing Floridians and their healthcare providers to consider therapeutic access to cannabis.

During the 2012 session bills sat in both the House and the Senate waiting on lawmakers to take action to protect sick Floridians. At a time when raising health care costs are devastating families and the State Budget, we believe access to cannabis is a sensible, cost-effective option.

We believe patients who use cannabis should be given protection from prosecution while lawmakers create a system that protects the public interest while allowing patients to have safe, legal access to therapeutic cannabis.

Don’t make Florida patients wait another day – let alone another year – for access to a proven medicine, already legal in 18 states. Two Floridians, Elvy Mussika and Irv Rosenfeld receive 300 cannabis cigarettes from the Federal Government every thirty days while others suffer criminal charges.

We urge you to sign an Executive Order giving Amnesty to the other patients in Florida who are using cannabis as medicine too.

Tax-payers do not want to pay for the cost of investigating, prosecuting and incarcerating people with ALS, Cancer, MS, chronic pain and other illnesses easily treated with cannabis.

Don't make Florida patients fight the legal system while fighting their disease.

Give cannabis patients amnesty now!
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4786 Mon Sep 24 12:38:07 EDT 2012 Richard Pensivy Palmetto, FL
4785 Sun Sep 23 02:39:23 EDT 2012 Anonymous tampa , FL anxiety, depression, bowel problems
4784 Tue Sep 18 13:29:22 EDT 2012 Samuel Sherman FL Anxiety, MS
4783 Sat Sep 15 00:29:16 EDT 2012 Anonymous NC Anxiety
4782 Fri Sep 14 14:04:23 EDT 2012 Anonymous FL
4781 Tue Sep 04 15:19:26 EDT 2012 Rebecca Zouain FL Insomnia, eating disorders, heart problems, chronic migraines, nausea, back problems, neck problems
4780 Mon Sep 03 14:40:22 EDT 2012 Wendy Johnstone Sandyville, OH terminal bone cancer !
4779 Sun Aug 26 18:32:07 EDT 2012 M. Marie Gulian Palm Springs, FL anxiety & sleep disorders
4778 Sat Aug 25 02:35:40 EDT 2012 Anonymous Davenport , FL Fatigue, fibromyalgia, depression, insomnia
4777 Fri Aug 17 22:00:43 EDT 2012 Anonymous miami, FL Anxiety, Insomnia
4776 Thu Aug 16 15:49:57 EDT 2012 Amanda Millard FL
4775 Thu Aug 16 08:59:33 EDT 2012 Anonymous orlando, FL
4774 Wed Aug 15 14:47:14 EDT 2012 Anonymous Punta Gorda, FL
4773 Wed Aug 15 14:36:50 EDT 2012 Evan Kennedy FL
4772 Tue Aug 14 00:22:39 EDT 2012 Danny Schalk FL Nausea, Severe back pain, Insomnia, Asthma
4771 Mon Aug 13 22:56:59 EDT 2012 Rebekah Ponds Oxford, FL
4770 Mon Aug 13 20:21:04 EDT 2012 Anonymous Orlando, FL Anxiety, Social Anxiety, appetite stimulant, Depression, insomnia, back pain from car accident, migraine relief
4769 Sat Aug 11 23:42:11 EDT 2012 Clay Alexander US Army retired Clearwater, FL
4768 Sat Aug 11 23:27:57 EDT 2012 katie harding longwood, FL
4767 Sat Aug 11 23:03:42 EDT 2012 katie harding longwood, FL
4766 Sat Aug 11 03:13:13 EDT 2012 katie harding longwood, FL
4765 Fri Aug 10 07:50:46 EDT 2012 t david binns miramar, FL
4764 Thu Aug 09 23:39:02 EDT 2012 Anonymous Clearwater, FL spinal stenosis
4763 Thu Aug 09 20:08:29 EDT 2012 Dennis Harden Ridge Manor, FL
4762 Thu Aug 09 17:34:24 EDT 2012 Linda Short St. Augustine, FL Self, for sleep and depression
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Together, we can change the way Florida treats patients.
Providing them with safe, legal access to this gentle medicine is a good place to start.
Thank you for helping me help patients.