Not A Schedule 1 Drug

Your letter is an important part of helping lawmakers understand cannabis is important to our state and nation.

When cannabis was wrongly placed in the Federal Controlled Substance Act in the 1970's, we began an odyssy that has lead to billions in wasted tax dollars, uncounted wasted lives and an untold number of people who needlessly suffer without access to a safe, potent medicine.

Recent decisions by both the Florida Attorney General and the Federal Appeals Court to keep cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug at the very least makes a sensible person shake their head in disgust. We hope it has inspired you to make changing cannabis laws a priority.

Cannabis, one of the most versatile plants known to man, has been used since before man began recording history. It is a hardy plant that will grow in most any climate and provides fiber, oil and medicinal benefits. Yet, the Drug Enforcement Agency, Health and Human Services and other branches of our own government refuse to accept its value to our people and our planet.

Cannabis/hemp is a renewable plant that will diversify health and wealth. The plant’s medical value comes from eating the raw plant; digesting its cold pressed oils; simmering leaves as teas; creating tinctures or igniting the dried leaves. All of these are home remedies with little to no cost, if you are able to grow the plant for your own use. Don't let a bad law keep us from making use of this incredible plant.

Modern research – as evidenced by a federal patent on the cannabinoids shows cannabis’ medical properties include a neuroprotectant, an anti-inflammatory quality and an anti-oxidant effect. Proof positive cannabis is medicine.

Lawmakers would rather slide this under the rug then take a hard look at the conflict brewing. Please join us as we tell lawmakers cannabis is a priority. With both the Federal Government and the States at odds over how we proceed, lawmakers need to know you agree it is time for cannabis to be accessible to farmers, researchers, patients and adults.