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The Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act is OFFICIAL!

SB1250 and HB1139 Gives patients Safe LEGAL Access to Cannabis November 1, 2013!

Review the letter after you've entered your zip code and let your representatives know about these bills!  Emails are good, phones calls are great, a written letter is better, and personal visits with your reps are best - carrying the most impact.

TITLE: Medical Cannabis

NUMBER: SB 1250 (Senate) & HB 1139 (House of Representatives)

SUMMARY: Medical Cannabis; Creating the "Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act"; authorizing a qualifying patient to possess and administer medical cannabis, and possess and use paraphernalia for a specified purpose; requiring a qualifying patient or the patient’s caregiver to present to a law enforcement officer a registry identification card to confirm that the person is authorized to possess, use, or administer medical cannabis or paraphernalia; requiring a qualifying patient or the patient’s caregiver to possess, use, or administer only medical cannabis that is obtained from a dispensary or medical cannabis farm, etc.

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