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The Florida CAN Plan will...

  • Improve Lives - Our plan improves the lives of patients who are suffering without access to the right medicine.
  • Open Research Options - The more we learn about cannabis, the more we understand the health benefits & other uses of this plant.
  • Increase Public Safety - Let law enforcement concentrate on bringing justice to victims, not prosecuting people for a plant.
  • Save Taxpayers Money - Each year thousands of adults are arrested, prosecuted and punished for possession of cannabis. The policy has been an expensive failure for decades.
  • Create A New Economic Engine - The value of the cannabis marketplace is untaxed, unregulated, and uncontrolled. When regulated, it will turn into a source of jobs and revenue for the state.

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1-25 of 707 signatures
Number Date Name Location
707 2 days ago Fabio Restrepo Port st. Lucie, FL
706 3 weeks ago Cyntha Bluewater Vero Beach, FL
705 1 month ago Michael H Pounds Alpharetta, GA
704 1 month ago Stephen Radentz Jupiter, FL
703 1 month ago Kate Hetzel Largo, FL
702 2 months ago Shanna Monroe Pace, FL
701 2 months ago Christopher Garner Pace, FL
700 2 months ago Ann Skerchek Sarasota, FL
699 3 months ago Murshida Va Gainesville , FL
698 3 months ago Wilfredo Roman Miami Beach, FL
697 3 months ago Frances Bailey Titusville, FL
696 3 months ago David Barnard Palm Bay, FL
695 3 months ago Monika Gutierrez miami, FL
694 3 months ago James Hicks Winter Springs, FL
693 4 months ago Monics Berardo Glen Saint Mary, FL
692 4 months ago Susan Brennan Orlando, FL
691 4 months ago Lynne Bentley-Kemp Cudjoe Key, FL
690 4 months ago Christopher Castellon Lake Worth, FL
689 5 months ago John Smith
688 6 months ago Elizabeth Shelby Kissimmee, FL
687 7 months ago Rob Snider Pakm Bay, FL
686 8 months ago Shaye Shuler Titusville, FL
685 8 months ago Myles McCrea Valrico, FL
684 8 months ago Jack Swoveland Ocala, FL
683 8 months ago Michelle P. .Dumar Kissimmee, FL
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Lawmakers understand we are serious about changing cannabis laws. We aren't there yet, but with your help we can create a better Florida through sensible cannabis policies.

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