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The Florida CAN Plan will...

  • Improve Lives - Our plan improves the lives of patients who are suffering without access to the right medicine.
  • Open Research Options - The more we learn about cannabis, the more we understand the health benefits & other uses of this plant.
  • Increase Public Safety - Let law enforcement concentrate on bringing justice to victims, not prosecuting people for a plant.
  • Save Taxpayers Money - Each year thousands of adults are arrested, prosecuted and punished for possession of cannabis. The policy has been an expensive failure for decades.
  • Create A New Economic Engine - The value of the cannabis marketplace is untaxed, unregulated, and uncontrolled. When regulated, it will turn into a source of jobs and revenue for the state.

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1-25 of 714 signatures
Number Date Name Location
714 2 months ago Audrye Arbe Lauderdale Lakes, FL
713 5 months ago Mary Goyak bradenton, FL
712 5 months ago Kathy C Josenhans Port Orange, FL
711 5 months ago Alan Stokes Jacksonville, FL
710 7 months ago N P Inverness, FL
709 7 months ago Linda Doherty FL
708 9 months ago Christopher Azcuy Jacksonville, FL
707 9 months ago Fabio Restrepo Port st. Lucie, FL
706 10 months ago Cyntha Bluewater Vero Beach, FL
705 10 months ago Michael H Pounds Alpharetta, GA
704 11 months ago Stephen Radentz Jupiter, FL
703 11 months ago Kate Hetzel Largo, FL
702 11 months ago Shanna Monroe Pace, FL
701 11 months ago Ann Skerchek Sarasota, FL
700 11 months ago Murshida Va Gainesville , FL
699 11 months ago Wilfredo Roman Miami Beach, FL
698 12 months ago Frances Bailey Titusville, FL
697 12 months ago David Barnard Palm Bay, FL
696 12 months ago Monika Gutierrez miami, FL
695 12 months ago James Hicks Winter Springs, FL
694 1 year ago Monica Berardo Glen Saint Mary, FL
693 1 year ago Susan Brennan Orlando, FL
692 1 year ago Lynne Bentley-Kemp Cudjoe Key, FL
691 1 year ago Christopher Castellon Lake Worth, FL
690 1 year ago John Smith
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Lawmakers understand we are serious about changing cannabis laws. We aren't there yet, but with your help we can create a better Florida through sensible cannabis policies.

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