Step 3: Demand Equal Treatment for Veterans
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Step 3: Demand Equal Treatment for Veterans

Don't give up now!

We must fully engage our leaders on this issue or they are content to give us the status quo. The Veteran's Health Administration is giving poison to our brothers and sisters-in-arms. According to a 2013 Congressional hearing, since 2000 use of common prescription drugs has gone through the roof! In the case of Methadone, we are dispensing 281% more today than in 2000. Veterans who can use cannabis as part of their treatment plan report a reduction in the use of tradition pain control medicine. Click the picture below to send a pre-written letter to the US House and Senate Veteran's Affairs Committee Members demanding they hold hearings to determine the best way to assure veterans in all 50 states have safe, legal, therapeutic access to cannabis.

Send Congress a Letter

But Wait,

The Veteran's Health Administration can correct course on cannabis if you will join us in demanding it! Click on the icon below to join other veterans in asking the VHA to stand up for veterans. Even in cannabis-friendly states, disabled veterans are forced to see a doctor outside the VA in order to get a recommendation for cannabis and must pay out of pocket for the doctor and the medicine. In states without cannabis dispensaries, the VA working with NIH could provide cannabis grown at the University of Mississippi for the national research program to veterans in need. Stand up and be counted for veterans who need cannabis!

Send the VA a Letter is a project of FLCAN,
in cooperation with NORML of FL Veterans Committee and Veterans For Medical Cannabis Access