What Veterans And Others Are Saying
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What Veterans And Others Are Saying

"As a national advocate for veteran’s, in a nut shell, legal access means more choices for the patient and better outcomes from their treatment."

- Michael Krawitz- E-4, United States Air Force

"Access to this natural medicine would mean no more taking 8 pills a day to control seizures that occur daily in my life. It would also allow me to return to work after two years of retirement."

- Joe Sisco - E-4, United States Marine

"I am a disabled veteran with a disability 100% service connected. I take methadone for pain which is physically addictive and responsible for one third of all  deaths from painkillers. Right now it is a necessary evil. Legalization of cannabis would give me a non -physically addictive option that may also save my life."

- Edwin Davidson- PFC, United States Army

"Access to Cannabis for me would mean I no longer need to stand by and watch my wife suffer with crones disease, while ingesting pills that do not cure, but do have horrible side effects. It would also give me an alternative for treating my Hep-C condition, which traditional meds do not cure."

- Juan Carlos Palenzuela - E-4, United States Army

"When a motorist hit me while bicycling, life as I knew it was over. Two brain bleeds, time in a coma and a long recovery has left me with symptoms I can’t control and PTSD from the incident. Cannabis may help me to pursue a normal life. Of course, in Florida I am not allowed to try and I really don’t want to be a 'criminal'."

- John Hanbery -  Operations Specialist CIC, United States Navy

"The result of current therapies for my condition is more drugs to deal with side-effects. Adding cannabis to my routine means eliminating the harsh side effects and allowing me to battle my disease not the effects of drugs."

- Melanie Middaugh  - E-4, US Marine Corps

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