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No Cost Ways to Support Florida CAN

Florida CAN is all about Cannabis, all about Action and all about Networking – not all about money. We’ve always been more interested in changing the laws than profiting from prohibition; Florida CAN change cannabis laws, and together we will! Each of us has a part to play, some can donate and the rest of us must discover what we can do. Here is a list we created of no-cost ways everyone can help change cannabis laws.

Online You Can:

Educate Yourself
     o    Spend time researching this issue and preparing yourself to articulate the harms of prohibition and the benefits of this plant. This website is a great resource for education. Start at the top row of buttons, click on cannabis - then you are on your way.
Share our E-mails with your list!
     o    When we send out an important action alert, make sure to forward it to your closest friends.
Take Action Online through our Click and Send system
     o    Periodically, and more frequently as legislative session approaches, we will ask you to send e-mails to your representatives. We make it quick and easy. Here is a quick, click-n-send message you can send without leaving the page!
Like Us on Facebook
     o    Are you ready to be public with your support of cannabis reforms? If so, like us on Facebook (opens in a new window).

     o    After you like us on Facebook, then .

Follow us on Twitter
     o    When you follow us on Twitter, you learn more about our work and can Retweet to your followers too.

We need lots of volunteers to bring about the end of cannabis prohibition, as we know it. If you're serious about joining FLCAN, click here to volunteer!

A Good Writer Can:
Write an LTE (letter-to-the-editor)
     o    An LTE can be in response to a recent article or a current event. Sharing your thought, correcting an inaccuracy and prolonging the conversation has value. Here are some tips on writing letters-to-the-editor.
Write a personal letter to your representatives
     o    E-mails are good, but a personal, well-written letter is a powerful tool. Here are some simple tips to get you started.
Join our LTE Team
     o    We are organizing volunteers across the state to systematically respond to articles and other LTE’s. Call the office at 321-253-3673 to learn more about the team.
Help create new literature
     o    Does writing a two-hundred word piece on cannabis and its effect on cancer, or a three-paragraph bio for a Florida patient come easy to you? If this is how you roll, we need you writing for us. Send a sample by e-mail.

A Good Speaker Can:
Attend an Event
     o    Attend a cannabis meet-up, one of our training sessions, or become a Florida CAN Ambassador and speak as a cannabis expert at someone else’s event.
Meet with your lawmakers
     o    A personal story, a local face – these are important to lawmakers who may not know someone who needs cannabis or uses it responsibly. Here are some simple tips for the meeting.
Become an Ambassador
     o    FLCAN is training articulate, well-informed speakers to work with the media, or speak for Florida CAN at local meetings. Sign up to put a face on this issue.

A Good Salesperson Can
Book our speakers into civic clubs
     o    Booking Florida CAN Ambassadors at local meetings helps spread the word. We need to overcome apathy and ignorance to move our issue.
Set up Editorial Meetings for Ambassadors
     o    Editorial Boards for every newspaper in Florida will soon be making statements about the effort to create safe, cannabis policies. This meeting gives papers our side to the issue.
Staff an informational booth at festivals and events
     o    Staffing a table or booth allows FLCAN
to grow our list, get petitions signed, overcome objections and make cannabis reform a priority for visitors to the booth.

We all understand it takes money to keep the lights on, print materials and put gas in the car, but not everyone can spare even $5.00 right now. So many of the people who support cannabis reform are sick; disease and our health care system have taken anything they ever had or could hope to gain. Others have lost thousands through court costs, jails and forced treatment for cannabis possession. If giving is what you can do, please make a generous donation right now.

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