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Thank you for your interest in the issues that face Florida in the coming months. We are in a period where your feedback is vital for Florida's future and your opinion matters!

Understanding our subscribers help make some critical decisions about our messaging, our tactics and the future of Florida CAN!

Thanks for taking the time to help out.

Are you familiar with the four-ways to change cannabis laws in Florida?
Did you Know?
In Florida, we can change cannabis laws through the legislature, through an act of the Executive Branch, through an amendment to the Constitution and through the courts nullifying the law. Florida CAN's team is experienced in all of the ways to change cannabis laws and we are leaving no stone unturned in the fight for good policies.
Have you made a donation to a state or national cannabis reform group in the past 18 months?
Do you donate?
Many cannabis reform groups like Florida CAN are essentially self-funded enterprises. National reform groups have set priorities and most national cannabis groups are spending very little money to affect Florida's cannabis laws.
A petition to put cannabis on the November 2014 state ballot will cost over 10 million dollars are require collecting nearly 750,000 signatures from registered voters. Are you a regular voter?
Are you a Voter?
Just being registered to vote isn't enough. Regular voters, those who vote in every election are important to lawmakers. Registering with a political party and getting active with the organization will give you direct access to candidates and ultimately elected officials.
Do you believe smoked cannabis is an effective medicine?
Smoked Medicine?
Not everyone agrees that smoked cannabis is medicine. Trends in medical cannabis are headed towards cannabis in oils and pill forms created by drug companies.
Lawmakers are telling Florida CAN that if doctors do not support medical cannabis in Florida, we should push for legalization. Have you spoken to your doctor about the benefits of cannabis on your health?
Have you spoken to your Doctor?
The Florida Medical Association represents a small fraction of Florida health care professionals but a huge lobby group.There current position is to oppose cannabis until it is approved by the FDA.
Do you believe cannabis should be legal like alcohol, legal like Vicodin or legal like spinach?
What kind of legal do you want?
If Florida CAN creates a public education campaign similar to the SAFER campaign that led the way to legal access to cannabis for adults in Colorado would you volunteer?
Will you help make it SAFER?
Even Florida lawmakers know cannabis is safer than alcohol and most if not all prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Knowing cannabis is safer does not give them the political will to fight groups like Drug-Free America and your drug-free community groups. An organized campaign with professional materials isn't cheap and it will take an army of volunteers to get the message to our neighbors.
What do you think is the most important reason to change cannabis laws?
Please choose one.

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