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Help Me change cannabis laws

Help Build a United Front for Reform

We don't have to tell you how important it is to change cannabis laws. You know we have prohibited people from having access to cannabis for too long.

The law makers need to hear from not just you, but from your friends, family and colleagues too. Together, standing with groups around the state and through the country we are building a united front for reform.

Will you take a minute, edit the message below and encourage people you know to take action too?

The numbers are in, over 70% of Americans think people who need marijuana/cannabis as medicine should have safe, legal access. You might be suprised how many of the people you know already agree we need sensible cannabis policies now! 

If we want our law makers to stand up and support cannabis, we must first invite our friends, family and colleagues to stand with us!

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Help me Change Cannabis Laws

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